2 Responses to Learning for Sustainability – Beyond the Elevator Pitch

  1. Dear Rob
    An interesting blog and I would like to promote on the SEEd website if you agree?

    However, I do feel that to say the LfS term was first coined in 2012 is not accurate.

    It was used first in the UK by WWF in about 2005 ( in a tram that included Betsy King!)
    And in Australia by Daniella Tilbury around the same time.

    It would be more accurate to say it was first officially used by the Scottish Government in 2012.

    In addition, yes it’s good to see the Scottish names especially John Smythe, but you miss off Stephen Sterling or Others who developed the transformative ideas and methods which were used in Scotland again is unfair to their work fir decades before 2012.

    I hope you don’t mind me pointing this out? It is good to read the Scottish overview and as such would be good to let others know about this if we can add some words to show that. SEEd has websites which receive 2 million hits a year and has a global audience so it would be important to establish the Scottishness of your article if you are interested.
    Do let me know

    Best wishes


  2. rob bushby says:

    Thanks Ann
    Happy to run with something on SEEd website. Have tweaked my version to catch your pre-2012 note. I was interpreting the original SG One Planet Schools doc (which has WWF origins and a Scottish context as you rightly say) rather than giving a full history, hence the limited refs to significant influencers (see Foreword p4 https://education.gov.scot/improvement/Documents/One-planet-schools-report-learning-for-sustainability.pdf). There’s another blog in that angle, no doubt!
    Betsy has popped this piece up on the LfSS website too, will pass on your comment!


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